National Caregivers Month

November is National Caregivers Month, a tribute to all of the people who care for children, grandchildren, parents, and spouses every day. Amy Goyer, a national caregiver expert, says that 18 million of the 40 million caregivers are caring for someone over 65, 60% of whom are women, 7% of whom are over age 75.

A recent article in the Naples (FL) Daily News, points to the stress that caregivers face.  Clarke Pollard of the Alzheimer’s Support Network of Collier County (FL) states:  “The stress that care partners face is enormous.  The stress comes from not knowing how to handle a disease process that is persistent, progressive, and without a cure.  The stress come from grief and loss.  It comes from the requisite hypervigilance — needing to be always alert and on guard.”

A recent AARP survey found that while 51 percent of caregivers feel stressed or worried, and 40 percent feel overwhelmed, more than half say “they have experienced an unexpected joy” in being a caregiver.


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