Dementia Improved with One Hour of Social Interaction Each Week

A new study in the UK has shown that increasing the amount of social interaction for people with dementia improves their quality of life.  Simply asking people about their interests and allowing them to make small decisions about routine activities, the study shows, can reduce agitation and aggression in people with dementia.

Among Friends is the perfect place to increase the social interaction our friends, family, and neighbors have with others. Our trained volunteers spend one-on-one time talking to participants about their interests–horses, farming, music, poetry, vacations, and whatever comes to mind–and involving them with others in chair yoga, singing, craft projects, and other activities specific to participants themselves.

Please contact Among Friends for more information.  Share this site and information about us to others who might need our services–providing a safe and stimulating place for their loved ones while giving caregivers some time for themselves.


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