Spring and Summer

It has been a busy time for us at Among Friends. But it is the good kind of busy–busy with activities, with social interactions, with music and art, with children, and with enjoying every moment.

At Easter, the children of a local family who regularly visits Among Friends and our participants colored Easter eggs. It was fun for everybody.

In May, we celebrated the Kentucky Derby with our own River Falls version of Derby Day. In anticipation, we decorated hats. What would the Derby be without extravagant hats? But in our race, everyone was a winner.

Summer means that it is time for growing things. So, with the help of a grant from Allina, we are growing an herb garden. We have planted the seeds, are watching them grow, and are beginning to harvest some of them to create nutritional snacks and meals.

Our caterer, Kathy Kapaun, demonstrated using fresh herbs in four different recipes for our lunch last week. She did a great job in making it a visual, oral and olfactory experience!

We are finding time also to take some walks around the neighborhood and to enjoy the summer sunshine. All in all, it has been a great spring and summer–and we have lots of good activities yet to come in the weeks to follow.

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