For Individuals with Memory Loss and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Research shows that your loved one with memory loss or mild cognitive impairment can benefit from social interaction.  Socialization

  • alleviates loneliness, which can affect a person’s cognitive decline
  • produces mental stimulation that leads to greater physical activity and better health
  • contributes to more positive attitudes and greater pleasure in life
  • promotes greater self-confidence, sense of purpose, and independence
  • encourages communication and self-expression

For Caregivers

  • Renewal and Relaxation–Taking a walk, strolling through the mall, or going to a museum will lower your heart rate and improve your mood.
  • Energy–Taking time to reenergize and recharge gives you the strength important to you and your loved one.
  • Space–Getting away for a few hours can help you relax and bring you a new sense of purpose.
  • Pleasure–You have the right to enjoy life as a caregiver. A few hours free of responsibility for your loved one may bring you great joy.
  • Perspective--Time away allows you to see things more clearly and to keep things in proper perspective.
  • Engagement–Social isolation is a major problem for caregivers. You must find time for your own personal enjoyment and activities.